Preview: New Hollow Press album on Wood & Wire

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Preview: New Hollow Press album on Wood & Wire

March will see the release of a brand new album from Adelaide producer Hollow Press on Wood & Wire.

In an interview with Hollow Press on Crawlspace in September 2012, writer Luke Telford noted: “Much of his music is devoted to a kind of gloriously devolved beatscape that shares certain things with witch house or minimal techno, but dispenses with the sensuousness and forward motion of those tags. The music’s other approach eschews rhythm entirely in favour of dense digital texture and seething ambient spaces. A prevailing sense of resignation and quiet hope bridges the two settings. It’s potent, and occasionally challenging, but richly rewards the time you spend with it.”

Here’s an early preview from the release – a track titled Memory Lapse and a new video featuring footage from L’Etoile de Mer / Poison / Emak Bakia by Man Ray.

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