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Catalogue: WW15
Released: March 2013

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1. Wheels Are Turning 01:00
2. Unrest 00:54
3. Heightened Senses 06:34
4. Grief 03:03
5. Limbo 07:27
6. Bittersweet Escape 05:28
7. Anticipation 02:20
8. Third Movement 04:08


All music written and produced by Sarah Phelan.


This is meant to be listened to on your own, in headphones.

This is about expressing human emotion through machines.

This is about therapy.

This is about immersion.

This is about escape.

This is about words being insufficient.

This is about trying to remember and remembering to forget.

This is about not letting things sit on your hard drive until you die.

“Drill Folly is all about machinery – manipulation, combustion, morphology, dependence, therapy. ‘No Love Lost’ is not an easy listen, but then again it was made with isolation and headphones in mind. Give yourself into the stilted industrial sounds though, and a warmer, existential focus comes to the fore. Extremely interesting stuff.”
Sonic Masala


Drill Folly is electronic producer Sarah Phelan. Based in Melbourne, Sarah is also a founding member of Tantrums.

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