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Catalogue: WW35
Released: October 2014

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1. First Ordeal
2. Second Ordeal
3. Third Ordeal
4. Fourth Ordeal

Photography by Fiathriel


The third campaign by Host, Star & System, is the most consuming thus far. Four ordeals of noise, dark ambience and experimentation.

“The gross must pass through fire; let the fine be tried in intellect, and the lofty chosen ones in the highest. Thus ye have star & star, system & system; let not one know well the other!”


Based in the NSW Blue Mountains, ambient / noise act Host is the creation of Nathan Jenkins (ex-The Amenta) and originates as a tool to explore the modern mysteries without the superstition of the Old Aeon.

Captured sounds, broken images and modern allegory all come together for an intense, unsettling, all embracing journey.

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    1. Leeann Bagshaw
      October 17, 2014

      An anthem of sound :)


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